Call to Action: Support the BUGWU Strike Fund!

The Boston University Graduate Workers Union is under attack by the university administration. They are withholding pay from all strikers, and even many students who are not on strike. We need to go all out to support the strikers till victory!

Call to Action: Support the BUGWU Strike Fund!

UPDATE FROM 4/5 (from Boston University Graduate Workers Union)

BU is strikebreaking and withholding pay– We are already seeing tens of thousands of dollars of hardship fund requests from workers!

Statement from the rank-and-file issued on Friday 4/5:

Our initial reports overwhelmingly indicate that BU admins took the reckless strikebreaking action last Friday of withholding pay from ALL workers who did not fill out BU's newly imposed payroll self-attestation forms, striking or not. We believe that even the imposition of this new payroll system during the strike is illegal, and have filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board. We further believe that it is no less than Wage Theft for BU to withhold pay from those still working but who did not fill out the payroll forms. These include workers in solidarity with the strikers, workers who did not complete this hastily rolled out payroll scheme in time, and workers at an impasse because the forms' confused phrasing would have required them to commit fraud in their reporting one way or the other.

BUGWU will be taking stock of the full scale of the suspected wage theft and pursuing this with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office accordingly at the first opportunity. In the meantime, we ask all who are able to give to our Worker Support Fund to support all those who lost their entire paychecks today.

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