Who are the Angry Education Workers?

Who are the Angry Education Workers?

This is a project to gather a community of revolutionary education workers who want a new society, and who want to actually do something to make it happen. We want to build contacts between education workers around the world. The goal is to become a platform for educators of all backgrounds and job roles to share worker-centered inquiries (of any artistic medium) into the education industry under capitalism. We can then workshop and boost each others' work. Doing this, we can help each other figure out how to intervene effectively to build worker power in our local contexts and make education a truly public good.

Whether you’re interested in joining the project, or just submitting something you want to get out there, get in touch! All levels of involvement are welcome. Burnout culture is bullshit.

Join our discord community or reach out to angryeducationworkers@gmail.com to join our chat on the signal app.

We are more than happy to publish materials anonymously or under pseudonyms.

If you are a union, political collective, mutual aid network, etc., and want versions of any of our pieces adapted specifically for use by your group, please reach out!

Support Our Work

All of our work is freely available, but if you like what we do and want to support us, please consider throwing a little donation our way! It helps us cover the costs of printing, hosting webpages, and supplies.