Amiens IWW is in the Streets for Trans Rights

Unions that ignore the political fights of the working class at their own peril. The student-workers of the Amiens IWW point a way forward.

Amiens IWW is in the Streets for Trans Rights

Notes on the update from our fellow workers in Amiens

With the political attacks on marginalized sections of the working class population, especially trans people, labor organizers from every union need to be on the front lines in the fight to defend our fellow workers. Teachers in the United States, and other countries where fascism is ascendant, should pay special attention to the efforts of IWW activists. The early IWW demonstrated its commitment to the working class through its Free Speech Fights, which came at a significant cost in the form of state repression that filled the jails of countless cities. From there, the IWW went on to organize the unorganized into vast industrial unions that required violent federal involvement to suppress.

IWW DMV EWOC, and many other IWW organizers, has been involved in a similar fight to defend educator free speech on Palestine and to push mainstream teacher unions to substantively fight for a permanent ceasefire. Our struggles are connected in every way. Fellow workers in Amiens are helping point the way forward. They are not afraid to jump headlong into the struggles of marginalized workers. Not out of altruism, but solidarity.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

An Important Update and Call to Action from Solidarity, not Silence!
If you live in the DC region, you are invited to a documentary viewing and discussion panel to connect with other radical educators and engage in collective political self-education about Palestine.

The wobblies of Amiens (France) were on the streets today to defend trans people from laws proposed by France's most reactionary parties: the Républicains (LR), the Rassemblement National (RN) and Reconquête. In a union dynamic in which many trans people are involved, we were able to take direct action with a short speech and the destruction of a photocopy of a work by two well-known French terfs. Resistrans!

The reactionaries are once again attacking trans people by proposing a law against trans minors. LR, RN and Reconquête, once again hand in hand to carry through their transphobic project and a vision of society based on complete binarity and conformity. Taking advantage of the publication of a book written by two TERFs whose names we won't mention, the anti-trans movement is already on the march, and has made its mark in government, on the streets and in the media.

Trans people exist, and have the right to be, and are a danger to NOBODY, whether Pâquerette and other bigots like her like it or not. We are claiming our freedom and the right to transition, without being psychiatrized and judged for who we are. It's up to us to fight back for a better future, in memory of our adelphes who left because of a transphobic state. It's up to us to fight.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow! For a future of freedom and rights for trans people.

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